Sporting Chance

Employment / Voluntary Programme

street work soccer academy

Street Work provides young people with access to employment and voluntary opportunities within the sports sector. This is achieved via the support from partnership agencies and Street Work Soccer’s voluntary program. Street Work has developed partnerships with Leeds City College Thomas Danby Campus, professional football clubs, West Riding County FA and Leeds City Council   Youth Service to support the project.

Furthermore, Street Work offers opportunities for attendees to further develop their interest in football and associated activity by providing vocational training programmes and qualifications. Working within the structure of the Football Association, Street Work provides annual FA Coaching award courses for participants.

The provision of such vocational training not only gives valuable opportunities for individuals to develop and pursue a career in soccer coaching, but also provides Street Work with access to internally trained and qualified volunteer staff to assist in coaching programmes. This process has also developed in attendees being employed as coaches within Street Work Soccer.

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