Sporting Chance

International Support Programme

street work soccer academy

We collaborate with developing world organisations in providing finance and support for young talented individuals, from extremely poor backgrounds, to travel to the UK for access to opportunities such as trials with professional sporting organisations.

Furthermore we arrange International tours which allow young people a broader perspective of different cultures and community. It gives socially excluded groups an opportunity to travel abroad for the first time in their lives. Such tours have been extremely successful and help young people develop a sense of responsibility and independence, which in turn has raised their self-esteem and confidence.

To date the Academy has undertaken tours to America, Germany, Ireland and France. Street Work has a rotation plan in place which makes sure every child has the opportunity to travel. Each visit involves 15 young people participating in planned football matches, social education, integration, cultural learning and fun. The young people are at all times supported and supervised by the academy staff. All free time is accompanied by staff members.

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