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The Street Work Soccer Academy is in the process of launching the Sporting Chance project. Sporting Chance aims to provide young people from socially and economically deprived areas opportunities to fulfil their full potential in life. Having provided community coaching in inner city areas of Leeds for over fifteen years and in consultation with community members, it became apparent from our findings that young people have felt disengaged from mainstream types of provision.

Some of the young people taking part in our regular activities have had very little career or pastoral support outside of the home due to disengagement at school. Feelings of isolation and alienation have been articulated before, during and after sessions with us. As such, we have decided to develop the project so that ad hoc roles are formalised and developed in a more coherent framework for the young people and their parents to understand. This will allow parents to gauge how well their child in Street Work is progressing and what their needs are in the short, medium and long-term.

Street Work Soccer Academy is a community-based organisation using sport as a means for development. Street Work specialises in football as a vehicle for social and sporting inclusion in Leeds.  The academy was established fifteen years ago with the intention of developing football skills in a sporting and recreational context aimed at young people from 7 years to open age - boys and girls, men and women, living within inner city areas. In doing so, Street Work has successfully worked with and for young people from all backgrounds and abilities in the sport at all levels.

The breadth of services include coaching services for schools and communities; half-term soccer camps; evening community coaching programmes; overseas football tours and exchanges; voluntary based opportunities; Mentoring and Peer Role Models.  The Street Work philosophy is one that emphasises supporting the ‘whole person’.

Consequently the physical, psychological, emotional and pastoral elements of working with individuals and groups are centred on and are not marginalised to the detriment of purely playing sport. Sport, in particular, football is so important to many, and this aspect is never lost. However, Street Work maintains a philosophy that supports the development of all its participants’ wider needs.

soccer academy

By working with these young people in the supportive and nurturing environment of the Street Work Soccer Academy, the aim is that they will be sufficiently motivated and empowered to take advantage of such provision ultimately with opportunities accruing as a result. Consequently, Street Work is planning to open five Sporting Chance centres in Leeds, which will provide opportunities for young people in the areas listed in the links above.

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