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Street Work Soccer has been successfully working with schools for over fifteen years. The programmes we offer are part of the school’s timetabled curriculum within school hours, lunch time clubs and after school classes. The sessions are open to all year groups from the youngest children (boys and girls) upwards. Additional work with schools has been part of “out of school” and after school projects, such as inter-school mini-leagues. Upon request we also offer tailor made programmes to suit the needs of particular schools.

The services we offer are best described as value added. In so far as football coaching is the prime function and is additional to the standard curriculum in schools. As well as the basic ball skills, the work incorporates team building and working in a group, sports discipline, self-discipline and respect of self and others.

The sessions are on an on-going basis, and in many cases we have been working within the schools for a number of years.

Quotes From Head Teachers:

“Totally professional in every thing they do”
“We are full of admiration for them”
“They do a lot more than football”
“Friendly” “Polite”
“Reliable and punctual always turn up never let us down”
“The lessons are well structured and delivered”
“They lead by example and are definitely seen as role models”
“Communicate effectively with children and staff”
“They know how to motive the children”
“No complaints about them ever”
“They build the children’s self-esteem and confidence”
“Sessions improve racial awareness”
“Takes pressure of the school staff”
“Extra-curriculum activities are important, especially to the parents”

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