street work soccer academy

Never give up on your dreams, be all you can be 
Paz Shan (SWSA)

Street Work Soccer Academy, Leaders in community football coaching and social development programmes for young people.

Street Work Soccer Academy is a community based organisation with a 23 year track-record. We deliver highly professional football coaching programmes to young people in Leeds and surrounding areas. We offer a unique service that not only develops young peoples sporting skills, but also focuses on them developing a sense of self-belief, self-discipline and self worth that can be communicated to all aspects of their lives.

The range of services we offer are:

  • Coaching services for schools and communities
  • Half-term soccer camps
  • Evening community coaching programmes
  • Elite centres
  • Overseas football tours and exchanges
  • Voluntary based opportunities
  • Mentoring and Peer Role Models
  • Sporting Chance programme
  • Alternative curriculum programme
  • Consultancy service
  • Girls Coaching Programme
  • Cricket Coaching Programme

Street Work Soccer Academy was established in 1994 by Paz Shan, in response to the lack of youth and senior football development in the socially deprived areas of Leeds. Street Work recognised how difficult it was for young people to further their ambitions in football, due to the absence of any local coaching facilities and support form regional football bodies. Street Works intention was to develop football in a sporting and recreational sphere within the inner city areas of Leeds and surrounding areas; to offer young people an opportunity to participate in the sport at all levels and standards, within the context of equality of opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, colour and religion.

The aim was also to engage these young people in sport, not necessarily at a professional level, but to enable them to develop a sense of self-belief, self-discipline and self worth which can be beneficial to all aspects of their lives.

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